OuterSpaces is an organisation created and run by its volunteers; we simply would not exist without them. We are always looking for new volunteers to get involved - whether you want to help out with one of our groups, or with the parent organisation itself!

Why Volunteer?

“Volunteering with School’s Out has been pretty life changing for me. My motivation was the same as most new volunteers —- I heard about the group and wished I’d had something like that when I was at school, and recognised how important it was that it keep going. It was the first time I’d volunteered for an organisation in an ongoing way, which meant I got to meet a really incredible community. It was also a massive up-skill - I’m now working as a youth worker even though I had no previous training or knowledge about working with young people. Turns out LGBTQIA+ teens are really awesome and inspiring and I’m lucky to get to spend so much of my time with them.”
— Kathleen
“I had never volunteered for a group before, but Tranzform were warm and welcoming and helped me learn about youth work. In the process, I’ve learned so many skills – such as facilitation, organising events & meetings, accounting, print design, and fundraising – and I’ve met countless wonderful & inspirational people. It’s a real gift and honour to be able to help someone along in their journey, wherever they are heading, and to contribute back to the community which helped me into the person I am today.”
— Jevon

Currently Seeking

Group Facilitator

Our groups are always looking for new youth volunteers to help out with organising, facilitating and supporting the support and social events run by our groups.

If instead you're keen to help out with any of our groups, please contact OuterSpaces with your CV and a covering letter explaining why you think you’d fit the role.

Fundraising Enthusiasts

If you're interested in organising fundraising events, or helping with writing, reviewing, or organising our grant applications - please email our Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator.

Organising fundraising events is a great way to help the community and meet wonderful people. You'll also build fantastic skills such as time management, administration, communication and event planning.

Our Policies

In 2016/17, with the support of The Tindall Foundation, we spent three months to develop a comprehensive suite of volunteer programs and policies, so that all of our volunteers are trained and supported in the important work they do.

All volunteers and board members are expected to follow these policies.