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OuterSpaces 2019 Facilitator Induction Day!
3:00 AM03:00

OuterSpaces 2019 Facilitator Induction Day!

Join us at our office on Cuba Street to meet new and old members of the OuterSpaces team and learn vital skills to help you become an awesome group facilitator!

You'll be learning from super skilled humans in the queer youth work/mental health field about the story of OuterSpaces, facilitation, keeping young people safe and self-care as a volunteer.

Training will begin at 9am and finish at 4pm, with plenty of taste treats, sumptuous snacks and cheeky smiles provided by Janey our Volunteer Coordinator. We hope to see you there!

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Working with youth who have ADHD
7:00 AM07:00

Working with youth who have ADHD

Hey fellow youth workers!

October is ADHD awareness month and we are offering a workshop for those of us who work with young people so we can better understand and support rangatahi living with ADHD.

This is a blurb from the person running the event:

"In light of recent research that has been released around the suicide attempt/self harm statistics for people living with ADHD and how many youth I'm encountering struggling with their identity, I wanted to run a workshop during ADHD awareness month to empower individuals working with youth living with ADHD on how to best support them so we can make a difference.

This workshop will have a brief overview on what the condition is, dispelling common myths, how it might present itself, and skills that you can implement in your work."

This will run alongside the induction day for new OuterSpaces Facilitators - so that we can all have lunch together!

Feel free to share the event and ask any questions you might have

♥ - OuterSpaces Team

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