Why Donate?

All of the OuterSpaces groups rely on donations to operate. Donations allow the groups to:

  • Buy food for our support groups

  • Buy coffees for our one-on-ones/mentoring

  • Hire out safe spaces for social events, such as pool events

  • Pay for tickets to social events for youth that couldn’t otherwise afford to attend

  • Pay for transport for our facilitators and youth

  • Purchase or make new or refurbished binders for trans youth

  • Provide funding for young people to update identity documents

  • Run fundraisers and secure sustainable funding

Regular Donations

Regular monetary donations make a huge difference for our work, as regular income provides us with the stability to take on bigger and more ambitious projects. You can make a regular donation by setting up an automatic payment, or by direct debit below:

Name: OuterSpaces Charitable Trust

Number: 38 9017 0285015 02

Bank: Kiwibank

Reference: (the group you wish the donation to go towards, or leave blank)

Direct debit forms are available on request; please contact the treasurer.

OuterSpaces Wishlist

  • Monetary donations

  • Rainbow Hub

  • Event Banners

  • Board Games

  • Branding, printing & signage for each group

  • LGBTQIA+ / Rainbow Flags

  • A van

  • Sponsors for snacks and events

  • New back pack

  • Colouring in books

  • Queer DVDS’s & books

  • Christmas presents/clothing vouchers for our youth

    Please email hello@outerspaces.org.nz to arrange item donations deliveries.

Donate via Givealittle

You can also donate directly to our groups through their Givealittle pages:

School’s out


Naming New Zealand

Buy an Entertainment book

OuterSpaces is fundraising with the Entertainment Book, $13 from every book or digital app subscription sold goes to us which we can use to help run our groups and buy supplies. Get access to hundreds of vouchers to local Wellington restaurants and businesses.

Claim Your Tax Credits

We are a charity registered with the Charities Commission, registration number CC52399.

All donations of $5 or more may be claimed as a tax credit in NZ with your IR526, and your receipt will be issued automatically by e-mail before the end of each financial year. If you have not received your tax receipt, contact the treasurer.

Any donations placed through Givealittle will be issued their own separate tax receipts, which you can use as part of your tax credit.