Bringing people together to respect, support, grow and celebrate each other!

OuterSpaces | Te Kete o Te Kāhui - is a registered charitable trust in New Zealand, which operates as the parent organisation for three LGBTQI+ youth groups based in Wellington, School’s Out, Tranzform and Naming New Zealand.

The trust exists to coordinate, fundraise for, and support these groups, to help the volunteers run these groups safely and sustainably, as per our values.

Our Groups

Our Vision

Universal respect for, and celebration of, sexuality, body and gender diversity.


Our Mission

Support and empower young people with diverse genders and sexualities in the wider Wellington Region through advocacy, development, education, and community.

Our Values





Developing Youth

Buy an Entertainment Book

OuterSpaces is fundraising with the Entertainment Book, $13 from every book or digital app subscription sold goes to us - which we can use to help run our groups and buy supplies. Get access to hundreds of vouchers to local Wellington restaurants and businesses.

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